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English version plastic surgery

Welcome you on web site of Poprad plastic surgery clinic. The medical team of experienced professionals offers services in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery ( breast augmentation, reduction and mammaplasty; face, forehead and neck lifting; blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty; liposuction; dermabrassion, chemical peal, collagen injection, tattoo and vessel removal; wrinkle and scar corrections ).

Cosmetic surgery abroad can provide the cosmetic surgery treatment you want. Cosmetic surgery abroad can be cheap and save.

Vyšetrenia pred plánovanou operáciou


MUDr. Janka Holešovská, Tel.: 052 7763730                                      

Mobil: +421918 322 519, +421908973300

Email: objednavky@medicor.sk



Dotazník pred ošetrením v celkovom znecitlivení



mail to: anesteza@anesteza.sk


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